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5 Best Snacks to Gain Muscle for Women

Learn how to add in healthy high-calorie snacks so you can gain muscle NOT fat

If you have a goal of gaining muscle, you need to eat MORE than your maintenance calories.

5 Snacks for Gaining Muscle (for Women)

To gain muscle you need to eat more (be in a slight calorie surplus) in order for your workouts to help you gain muscle & strength.

But be careful not to eat WAY TOO MUCH more, or eat the wrong types of foods, because then you’ll set yourself up for both muscle AND fat gain.

I recommend for most women to have a surplus of about 400-500 calories above and beyond their daily calorie needs in order to gain muscle.

Ideally the extra calories come from whole natural foods that are high in protein and fat — not just sugar only

Since I had a baby last year, I was pregnant for 9 months, had to reduce my training frequency/intensity and lost a lot of muscle I’m currently smaller & weaker than I like to be!

So now 6 months postpartum, gaining muscle is my current goal and here are some of the snacks I’m using to get there.

1) Make your own Trail Mix
Raw unsalted Nuts with no sugar
Mixed with 1 type dried fruit – like mango or raisins.
Have one type of nut that’s roasted/salted, everything else raw/natural/unsalted.

2) Canned Coconut Milk Based Smoothies
Like our green pina colada from our member’s site Team Live Lean

3) Baked Treats using Protein – like our chocolate banana protein bake, paleo protein cookies. Make sure all your baked treats are high in protein and made with no flour and no white sugar.

4) Add Avocado to everything! -in your salads, on your eggs, as a dip for seed crackers or carrot sticks, try our avocado egg crackers from our LL20 diet.

5) Chia Seed Pudding – like our holiday chia pudding in Team Live Lean. It’s so easy to make and it makes a delicious creamy dessert.

We have a ton of muscle building & fat loss recipes in our members site Team Live Lean. Become a member and you’ll have access to all of them plus weekly meal plans that will keep your diet interesting, never boring.

If you’re a fan of super simple grocery shopping and cooking, then you’ll love our Live Lean 20 Diet that uses only 20 ingredients to make 20 healthy meals.

Thanks for watching today’s episode, keep Living LEAN!
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