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Enter Now To Win My COOKBOOK!

Ok, lets make this quick and easy.

To receive an entry to win a copy of the entire Eat Clean, Live Lean Cookbook system, in the comment section below, simply tell me in 250 words or less, why you NEED a copy of the Eat Clean, Live Lean Cookbook system. 

Keep your entry under 250 words and please no responses like “I can’t afford it”. If your health is a priority to you, which it should be, you can afford this. Especially since during the pre-sale, the entire system will be offered at a large discount.

The contest is open now and closes Sunday, August 4, 2013 at 11:59pm ET.

I’ll go through the entries and will announce the winners during Monday’s (Aug 5, 2013) Live Lean TV episode at 6pm ET.

It’s really that easy that win.

Good luck.



Brad Gouthro is the founder of Live Lean TV, a media company focused on helping men and women “Live Lean” 365 days a year. Brad’s programs and content have helped millions of people all over the world learn how to get in shape, and more importantly, sustain it for life.

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  1. Hi Brad
    I’m Cuban, I came to the US almost 3 years ago and it kills me to see the pics of my arrival and see my pics now. Cubans, for the most part, are fat burning machines due to a scarce food, plus a very active life since you have to walk for miles every day because of scarce transportation, on top of that I was a high-performance swimmer, I used to compete representing my school, city and that sort of things. So far, after almost three years in the US, I have had gained 20 pounds, I was 1.80cm (5.11”) height and 1.80lbs, “perfect weight for my height”, right now I’m 200lbs and I have to take action, I really want to go back to those 180lbs and this book is the perfect match along with your fat burning workout with no requirements, cuz that’s my other thing… I’m not a big gym fan.

  2. Thank you Brad for helping others to eat well and live well. I have this new years resolution of loosing the weigh that has crept on me for the last 2 years and I want to try what really works. Your program is interesting and I love to try new things so I am looking forward to your e-mails and all the help I can get to achieve my goal. Of course I would like to be choosen as the winner of your book who wouldn’t? Have a nice day.

  3. This is old, i know. My name is steve, im 6 foot, im in great shape, and im at the gym at least four days a week. Ive never learned how to cook squat. But i need food, and i do my best to eat well. I may have a 6 pack, but i want to keep it that way. Im having trouble finding out how to buy your cookbook. Gimme a hand? I have a good job

  4. Hi Brad I have been following you for a while now. I am 39 years old 5 feet 9 and pushing 400 pounds. I have been trying to lose weight but always fail. I have high blood pressure and am pre diabetic. I have a 4 year old grand daughter that lives with us and I am too fat to play with her. I would buy your book but we are on social assistance and I know $47 is not much but it is for us. Please consider me for a free copy. Thanks

  5. Hey there.
    I started watching your Videos and Workouts and tried it.
    I am a 33 year-old man from Germany, and just starting with CrossFit and Paleo to achieve my goals.
    I also want to create a digital non-commercially diary on Youtube to let people know about whats happening when you follow your rules, and how hard (or easy) it is, to lose weight.
    See You!

  6. I am a 47 year old 24 year Police Sergeant in Texas. That means I like doughnuts, probably as much as you like ice cream. I made a descision that I did not want to become a statistic and die early from heart problems and have struggled to change my eating lifestyle. As of right now, I am overweight and out of shape, but with your help, I plan on changing that!! Thanks for all the good motivating videos.

  7. Hi, Brad. I would like a copy of your book to help me improve my overall health. I’m 26 years old and have never been a good example of healthy living. For most of my life I have been obese. This past year, however, I decided to make a change. I started exercising and eating better. Salads, fruits, and lean meats replaced the fast foods and take-out meals. So far I have lost 38 lbs. I no longer sweat and wheeze simply walking. I still have a long way to go to reach my goal, but I think you book may help me along the way. Thank for listening and keep up the good work!

  8. Brad, The reason i need this cookbook is because, i’m sick and tired of working out 5-6 days per week with no results. I eat clean a couple days, and than go back to eating garbage. The reason is i only have a few healthy recipes i like(all from you) I need more to mix it up. I want to do what i say i’m going to do. I’m sick of preaching to family and friends about moving their bodies and eating healthy while i’m shoving pizza down my face. I skipped a couple of family events recently,because i’m pissed how i look. I let myself go, gained about 17lbs and only worked out about 4 times in the last 2 months. I had an injury (tendonitis in my arm) you would think i would have enough willpower to work other parts of my body, but no if i can’t do pushups or pull ups than forget it-IDIOT. I’m ashamed of not walking the talk. I want to take charge of my life for one fricking time! I want to get in shape for me, than to inspire the uninspired. I want to say yes to things,and stop being a hermit. Take my daughter out to do stuff, live life, and be the best I can be. Let’s all take charge of our lives instead of it taking charge of us! Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Life is short live it the way you want to. I would absolutely be crushed if 30-40 years from now if I look back and didn’t do it. Ever since a kid I would pose(flex) for pics. I’ve always wanted this. I have the workouts, I just need the nutrition. Please hook your buddy up, and send that golden nugget to me.

  9. Just a year ago I started my new health and fitness journey and I’m loving it so far. Food is important to me as I’ve grown up in a culture with lots and lots of food, but as a student now living over two hours from my parents, it’s hard to know the right things to eat. I learn new things every day, but I’m happy to learn even more!

  10. The reason I NEED this cookbook is because I am currently rehabbing an injured ankle. I found your videos during the toughest phase in my physical therapy program. You inspired me to keep pushing and work through the pain. I made a decision shortly after to change my eating habits and overall life style. I try my best by cooking in bulk, but some days it becomes difficult to prep my meals while juggling school, physical therapy, dr. appointments, etc… I downloaded your free 10 meals mini cookbook and it seems these recipes are achievable even with my schedule. The cookbook has gave me that much needed boost. If I am this happy about 10 recipes, imagine how happy I would be with the entire system!  I need a book that has quick, easy and delicious food . Your cookbook system IS IT! Plus, I want to say DAMN THAT’S GOOD after every dish I make Hahaha!

  11. Hey brad been watching and following you since last year..a little over a year ago I was 190 pounds 5 6 and today I’m 142 pounds..been that way for a year. In june I had my second open heart surgery and I’m 27. Since the surgery I’ve fallen off eating good but slowly just getting back to eating good…I need more lean food ideas and the motivation

  12. I train harder than most 5 days a week, but my meals are keeping me from the body I want. You are one of the few trainers I follow because what you say makes sense so I know the cookbook is what I’m missing.

  13. Hi Brad, I haven’t been a follower for long, but have been on my fitness journey for just over a year now. I’m progressing albeit slowly, but I’ll get there.
    I’m always looking for quick, easy, clean and healthy meals online to eat for both myself and my husband to enjoy. Even though I’m the one on this journey, I’m dragging him along because I’m defiantly NOT cooking two times a night! But I think I my healthy ways is starting to rub off on him..
    Would be good to have lots of recipes at my fingertips to make food preparation a cinch!
    Keep up the AWESOME work!

  14. My name is Crystal and I WANT TO CHANGE! Growing up I ate/drank a lot of unhealthy junk foods such as chips,soda,pizza. Basically all of the foods that would make people who are healthy cringe. To sum it up, I didn’t have a care in the world for fitness or eating healthy. However, as time passed I realized how much of a toll it took on my health and my mood overall. That was until one day I picked myself up and said ITS TIME FOR CHANGE. Since that day I’ve really started to invest my time into fitness and putting more consideration into what I need to eat in order to stay healthy. I can really say that fitness has changed my life, I’ve started to see a bit of change in my body and most importantly I can’t last remember when I’ve been this happy. However, my journey to be healthy is far from complete and i’m constantly looking for ways to improve. Thus leading me to this fitness website and to Brad’s youtube channel where I get most of my workout ideas. To be able to get this cookbook will not only be another helpful stepping stone to my goal but also to my new healthy lifestyle. Thank you Brad for the huge difference you’ve made in my life.

  15. Hi Brad! I love fitness, the outdoor and anything active really. There are lots of great fitness channels that I follow in addition to yours, but yours is truly unique. Unique because of the wide variety of videos you make. Different workouts and training tips. Nutrition tips, cooking and recipes. Q&A. Food hauls. Day in a life. I love to cook, but have been dissapointed by many of the healthy cookbooks out there. In my opinion, there is something lacking about a cookbook that is written by either a nutritionist or a fitness professional. Where is the book written by both? Because you seem like a well-rounded person in both fitness and nutrition, I think your cookbook is what I’ve been looking for. A cookbook as well-rounded as the person that wrote it – Brad Gouthro! Healthy ingredients, easy to prepare, super delicious and gives you energy for your next training!

  16. I really need your cook book because I am running out of ideas on my food choices. I’m new to LL and need all the help I can get. I am looking coward to the cook book. Thanks Brad for helping me conquer my fears of weightlifting for women. I know love it and can’t wait for the body i have been dream of.

  17. I would love the cookbooks because, not only for my love of cooking, but because I have type 1 diabetes. I’ve had it for 34 years and know that to in order to achieve good health, I have to eat well and exercise. Life is tough, but I’m doing well. I love reading about nutrition and have learned to incorporate some good habits. Read labels, watch out for processed foods and balanced diets of carbs, proteins and fats. Since I love to cook, those cookbooks will really expand my recipe bank on healthy meals and clean eating. I want to be around for another 30-40 years and I could use all the help I can get 🙂

  18. I need a Live Lean cookbook because I’m running out of ideas to keep my man interested in healthy meals so we can both get that washboard and be cut! Please help!

  19. Hey buddy! I am running out of recipe ideas….I am down 10lbs in the past 3 weeks…AND we used to be roomates! haha….I’ll get the book either way!

    Nice work bud!

  20. I am so excited for this cookbook! I have tried some of the recipes that have online and love them,i like that they are easy but at the same time healthy.What has been exciting for me is that even though i have always eaten healthy i had problems with my bloodsugar and the foods that you have mentioned in your book and online have made me look at my refridgerator and cupboards and make some changes.I love the five ingredient or less and no Soy that is so huge,so many foods have that ,I feel like i am so ahead of so many people out there that have no clue what they are putting in their bodies but thanks to you ,you have helped me with an issue i have had for to long.I love to cook so it is exciting to have a cookbook come out that has all of what you have been talking about .

  21. I am a 51-year-old woman who is interested in getting healthy because I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Wow that was a wake up call. Knowing what this can do (my mom has big problems with this disease) I want to get it before it gets me. I have 80 to 90 pounds to lose…. that is a long way to go…. and I need all the help I can get….:-) so please pick me….. take care.

  22. Hoping to win your cookbook! I have tried the recipes you have online, and they are awesome, so I KNOW your cookbook will be just as AWESOME!! 🙂 I have been waiting for this cookbook because I can really use fresh new healthy ideas to start eating more lean. Trying to live clean and get lean!! Thanks BRAD for ALL you do for us Brad Gouthro: Live Lean followers. Have a blessed day!

  23. I need to win because my mum always makes food with loads of oil in it and it’s ruining my gains so I want to be able to cook my own food, eat healthy so I can achieve the body I want.
    Thanks Brad

  24. I NEEDD this in my life! I’m so horrible about putting together delicious and healthy recipes simply because I need something quick. So when you put the Q in Quick at the beginning I new I needed to sign up for this giveaway! Hopefully all these recipes will inspire me to start paying more attention to my diet again rather than just working out and not seeing results I want (bad Chelsea, I know!).

  25. I have been following your you tubes for sometime now. I took away a lot of inspiration and some new tools, such as hiit and tabata. I made workouts into my life again, which had been absent for years. I still have over 50% body fat and would like to continue losing weight and work towards better health. So far I’ve lost 70 pounds while gaining muscle. Thanks for the guidance and inspiration.

  26. Hi Brad!
    Of course I need that cookbook cause Damn that looks good!!
    I know it’s gonna be awesome cause you made it.
    Also, I’m so bored of my usual recipes, I need some inspiration!
    Congratulations on your book by the way 🙂 Take care xxx

  27. Hey Brad 😀 I would really like to win that cooking book.. I have watching your videoes for a long time, and you have been a huge inspiration. And to see what you eat everyday would really help me by diet. I am not the person who love to cook alot of food, so I would hope you could help me. I train 5 times a week, but need some diet ideas 🙂 Im 18 years old and training is a huge part of my life. when I have been sad and such stoff, training have always make me feel bether. So please I really need this! U are my inspiration.

  28. Hi Brad,

    I want, no I NEED!, your cookbook to bring my live lean lifestyle to a new level. This past year, I switch my lifestyle around and I got so many benefits. And now I inspire my surrounding to eat healthier. My co-workers, friends… are looking at me like the go-to guys for question (don’t worry each time I plug your website ;-). So Brad help me to help them!



  29. Hello brad,I’ve been following ur videos on youtube for the last few weeks…ive found out about u through friends, see I’m also from HRM area, I’ve have been recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes @29 yrs old and it has change me forever, for the better. I just measured and weighed myself 2 weeks ago(254.8), I’m estimating my BF % around the 30 range, but ever since finding out about u and ur motivational videos I’m now trying excercises and food I never would have thought or have tried before. 2 weeks in and I’m 1 inch and 8 pds lighter, but I want to take the next step, I want it more, I want it so I can live to be healthy, live lean, and never look back! See this cookbook would mean a lot so id wouldnt have to worry about what to buy and how to piece things together in the kitchen anymore. Whether u choose me or not I just want to say Thank You for everything u do, for not judging bigger guys like myself at the gyms but u take the time to help us, the rest of the work is up to us….I will keep moving forward no matter how long it takes and continuing to set an example for my son. thanks again!

  30. Hi Brad,

    I have been following you for the last 4-5 months and I became a big fan. My body has changed since then (less belly fat, stronger arms, better health), and I’m fighting for my wife to follow me on that healthy route but I have not so many idea of healthy and tasty meals (I definitely need more variety). Your cookbook would help a lot!

    Plus Sunday is my birthday, so that would be a great gift from you 😉

    Anyway, even if you don’t pick me, and if you come to the French Riviera where we live (I know Jessica has been there before, you can come with her), you are welcome in our house and we will cook something “french” for you guys. And if this is not healthy enough, you can still consider this as your cheat meal for the week 🙂

    Thanks again for your channel and all the advices you are providing us. Please keep doing that as long as you can!!!

  31. Dang, man. I don’t NEED the cookbook, but I don’t know how you’re going to choose the winner… I would want to give it to all of these people!

  32. Hi Brad,

    I have been following you for at least six months now and I love the workouts!, but although I have some body fat, I am still not able to see my abs. But I really do not want the book for me, I want it for my partner who I have dragged along my Live Lean Journey Kicking and screaming.

    Both his parents are Type two diabetics and that means he is very prone to getting the disease himself. Since I do the majority of the cooking I want to provide the healthiest meals that I possibly can for him because I do not want him to have to go through what his parents have. Also, when it is his turn to cook he can have simple, healthy meals to choose from that taste great!

    Please Please Please help me, help him!



  33. I would love to have this cookbook to introduce my family to real healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. I am 18 and live with my parents. I’ve been working out everyday to lead my example that a healthy lifestyle is possible. They sometimes make healthy stuff but most of the time it’s fried stuff or frozen foods or fast food. I just wanted the cookbook to be able to show them some things they can make other than the regular grilled and baked chicken. Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. Hi Brad,
    I’d like to win a copy of this cookbook because I have recently started eating clean and I’d like to expand on my recipe pool of ideas. I’ve had enough of eating bad food, and it’s time to eat better & look better for it!!
    Thanks! 🙂

  35. Hello Brad!
    I would love a free copy of your cookbook. I’ve been working really hard at shedding that last bit of body fat and it’s been a bit of a struggle. I run out of ideas on what to eat and prepare so I get a bit stuck in a rut at times with my meals. I try to incorporate a variety of meats and veggies but I would love to get some more ideas on ways to mix flavors for an even better result. I know my husband would appreciate it too!


  36. Hi Brad. I would love a copy of your book so that I can get me and my family on a healthier lifestyle. I am a single mother of 2 boys and my oldest son who is just entering his teenage years is heavily involved with sports. With my work schedule, his practice and game schedule and me trying to fit working out in leaves very little time for me cook, so in turn we eat out way too much. I was not raised on a healthy lifestyle so my knowledge of what types of foods to prepare is very limited. I am trying to teach my boys to eat healthier and if I had your cookbook to help me learn to prepare healthier foods I could develop a plan and get me and my family to follow a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for all of your videos and e-mails helping us to follow a healthy lifestyle.

  37. Brad your cookbook can help me prove that food really is love! I’ll keep combining it with my tabata workouts to torch off my last 10 pounds … but it could also help save my husband’s life! He’s 50, twenty pounds overweight, completely overstressed, and newly diagnosed with very high blood pressure. I can’t make him exercise, but he does eat WHATEVER I put in front of him. With your help, I can serve him creative, delicious meals he’ll really enjoy, while secretly helping transform him back into a lean, healthy, love monkey … and keeping the kids healthy, too! C’mon Brad, let’s do this!

  38. Brad I would love a copy of your cookbook because I’m in such desperate need of some variety in my clean eating diet. I’ve been working on the better me for just over a year now an have lost 63lbs. I’ve really struggled to find easy and tasty meal ideas online so I just stick to the same boring recipes I’ve used from the start. I’ve been following you for sometime now and just love your videos and the information you provide. Please consider me.. thank you. )

  39. A few years ago, my obese mother went in for lap band surgery, but was denied. Her advanced age and deteriorating health did not make her a good candidate. As for my body type, I am my mother’s clone. My past has shown me that I’ve only been successful at failing myself. Though overweight, not obese, I’ve recently considered lap bad surgery for myself before I get to the point of obese.
    So what’s stopping me? I have a beautiful 10 year old daughter who is slightly overweight, but with the same body type as my mother and me. What kind of an example would I be to her?! How will she ever succeed at eating right, if I don’t. But now, I still have to figure out how to succeed.

  40. I will use this cookbook to help me with my new clean eating and workout challenge. My biggest problem is that I get bored fast and I need some variety and something new so hopefully your cookbook can help give me a variety of choices.

  41. Can I trade in my Betty Crocker recipes for the new “Brad-G Cooker” recipes? ;’D
    I grew up (and out) with Betty’s recipes and now I want to grow lean like Brad-G.

  42. I need this cookbook. I need this cookbook because I would like to know how to put together some creative meals, and not just baked chicken and broccoli. That’s boring. I got into a rut with my own go to meals and need some new and tasty additions. I know a lot of hard work was put into this book and it would be a great gift to receive to compliment all my hard work and training.

  43. I need the new cookbook in my life to help me with my complete lifestyle change, to get lean, healthy and happy!

  44. I would love to win this cook book, as I do need the variations in my diet. Also since it is the first time I am following the lean way of living, this cook book will be of great help to my mom to make various meals for me with variations. She has always prepared the yummiest food for so many years, which obviously can not be called lean food
    Any knowledge on lean meal preparation will complete all the resources I need towards living a lean life!

  45. I would love to win this cook book, as I do need the variations in my diet. Also since it is the first time I am following the lean way of living, this cook book will be of great help to make various meals for me with variations. She has always prepared the yummiest food for so many years, which obviously can not be called lean food 🙂
    Any knowledge on lean meal preparation will complete all the resources I need towards living a lean life!

  46. Hey Brad,

    Why do i need a copy of your live lean cookbook system is that because it has proven that with your simple and delicious ideas can turn into a marvelous dishes. I have tried many other ways to cook a simple and healthy dish. But hell no, NOTHING beats your way of cooking. Easy and DELICIOUS. Ive started to follow your exercises and cooking method for the past few months. It was AMAZING. From workouts to supplements to food wise. EVERYTHING changed. Because YOU inspired me to live lean. Alongside with your weekly video tips, it actually fillled me in ALOT of information as wells. Thanks again for inspiring me to LIVE LEAN and giving US ALL a chance to win this COOKBOOK. Been waiting for it since the time you mention it in your daily life on youtube. 🙂

    Oliver (MALAYSIA)

  47. Hey Brad,

    I would like to receive this book from you Brad because I really want to lose a some weight.
    I want to feel comfortable in my body so I really want something what can HELP me in my kitchen and furthermore it will be more motivating for me.
    Today it is 1st of August so I think that I can LIVE LEAN like you from this month to the end of life!

    Kind regards, Rafal (POL)

  48. What can i say brad, I just need those recipe’s!
    I love cooking and eating healty, but a little diversity to keep it fresh is never a bad thing.

  49. I love fitness and everything about it. I have had great success as an actor in the UK and I am now living in LA. Training has never been a problem for me but creating interesting meals and keeping my food varied and consistently healthy has always been a problem. I can and have been in incredible shape but food begins to bore me and I go off the deep end. I love your dedication and focus and I have had the pleasure of training with some of the best athletes in the world because of my work and you are up there with the best. To see more of my work and why I could help get you an even bigger following in the uk check out
    Keep up the brilliant work bro.

  50. Brad, I was once in great shape. I had an accident in 2007 that ruined my life. At 44, I am determined to exceed my previous health standard, all by my 45th birthday (03/2014)! I believe you can help me accomplish optimum health. Once accomplished, I will never return to my current lot!

  51. Hey Brad,
    I would love to have a copy of your cookbook because I have no idea what I’m doing in the kitchen when it comes to preparing food. Cooking is a skill that has been lost on our generation and is really hard to come by if you didn’t learn it at home growing up (which I didn’t). Your video series on dailing in your macronutrients really got me excited to get in the kitchen and this cookbook would be an excellent tool!

  52. I do know that when I eat well I am able to give more to my workouts and to the rest of my day. I am a true believer of the doctrine that our bodies are made in the kitchen… I would love to have a copy of your recipe book to help keep me on the right track, nutrition-wise.

  53. Hey Brad,

    First i want to say thank you again for my transformation and your support !
    I need your great Cookbook to get and stay lean and dont fall back.
    Sometimes its hard to know what to cook and find new meals to cook. I dont want to cook always the same and i hope with your cookbook i can change my Meals often and can try many new meals. So please give me the chance to stay lean and eat clean and whole food 365 days a year i think with this book its possilble and fun too !
    I also hope to learn more about food and healthy ingredients.

    Sincerely yours

    Robin Bode

  54. I have been following you for more then a month now brad and you have changed my life for the better I have dropped from 240lb to 180! And I know there are millions of people who want this because I know and trust your advice daily and that video with the turkey and vegetables AMAZING! It tasted so good but bottom line is that I need to lose the fat I already have I exersice daily but I feel the food that ok eating isn’t getting me anywhere and I know if I can get one copy of this wat clean live lean cookbook my life would change dramatically all with your help I’m just hoping you can get me a free copy because my body needs it bad! Haha(:

  55. I’m a thirty year diabetic who is trying to live lean to live long. I workout daily in the am with your tabatas and use your tips when I weight train at night. My diet is where I need the most help and this cookbook is that final piece to me living lean. I also have four kids that would benefit from living lean at an early age!

  56. Hey Brad,
    i would love to have this cookbook, i am a skinny fat guy as alor of people call me, skinny little guy with a belly fat. and learning how to cook lean healthy foods will help me focus on eating healthy stuff not just any junk i think or people think i should eat to gain weight, just cos i am skinny doesnt mean i can eat whatver i want without consequences.

  57. I NEED a copy of The Eat Clean, Live Lean Cookbook because the number 1 place I struggle is in the kitchen. I can commit to dedicating an hour a day to the gym but can’t seem to commit to consistently eating right. I fall into the trap of eating plain chicken and flavorless vegetables for a while, get tired of them fast, then completely fall off the wagon, derailing all my efforts and wiping out any progress. Its a frustrating, vicious cycle. I’m ready to start seeing the work I have put in at the gym come through! Your cookbook will teach me how to prepare meals that will get me lean AND taste great so I can finally make a permanent lifestyle change!

  58. Because all we live leaners do is eating correctly. Exercise helps to, but eating correctly is the most important.

  59. Ok, so I may not be overweight. I enjoy exercising and love doing your workouts. But I need help in the kitchen. I know what foods I need to eat, but am so lost on what to put together. That’s why I need your book in order to help me out in the kitchen. After all, someone told me that abs are made in the kitchen.

  60. 2 years ago I was living the ultimate unhealthy lifestyle, didn’t care what I put in my body. I thought I was invisible. Overweight, out of shape and just living a sedentary life caught up to me. I had high cholosterol, borderline diabetic and suffered a seizure. After the scare, I started going back to the gym to get in shape and the weight wasn’t falling off. ABs are made in the kitchen right? A lesson that took me a year to figure out…. Fast Forward to today… I purchased your Live Lean program started to eat cleanly and dropped 30lbs(I have 30 more to go) I need your cookbook bc I need to get past the grilled chicken and scrambled eggs and explore other possibilities that are in the kitchen

  61. Hey Brad,

    I would REALLY, REALLY benefit from a copy of your cookbook because I have been inspired by your videos to start getting back into shape (I was overweight, lost a bunch of weight, then gained it ALL back, PLUS MORE), and really need ideas as to what to cook that will benefit me in not only losing weight, but developing a lifestyle that I can implement for the rest of my life. Food has been a big part of my weight struggles, and I find that I get SUPER BORED eating the same stuff every single day. Your videos have given me numerous ideas to change it up, but your cookbook (with even MORE recipes and ideas) will be immensely beneficial to me in starting my journey once again. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this, and hope that you will consider helping me, because I really need the motivation right now!! Thank you for your time!

    All the best,

  62. ~I need a copy because Brad is AWESOME ~ 🙂

    I’d love to actually have you right in my kitchen preparing every single meal for me 🙂 hahah ok..I know I am dreaming…but winning the cook book will be just like having you here! I have been searching everywhere on how to eat clean, to get me and my family healthy. I feel YOU are the best to follow, so I NEED a copy of the Eat Clean, Live Lean Cookbook system :0)

  63. I need a copy because my entire family is overweight, and none of us know how to cook. If this Live Lean Cookbook becomes successful, I will help my other overweight friends into losing weight. I believe that this cookbook will help me a ton in my journey into becoming healthy.

  64. My family is pretty much all over weight and I am trying to get as many people in my family into healthy habits before I ship to boot camp in two months. I used to 185 lbs when I was 13 and was 5 foot. Luckily now with two years of mma and one year of pre-military training I can now say I am more than comfertable with myself overall. But noon else in my family has the desire to take my advise, I need to find something professional that they can use once I am gone.

  65. i need a copy of The Eat Clean, Live Lean Cookbook because i am in the process f losing weight, learning to eat clean and healthy and getting into the fitness world

  66. My wife is an actress and often rehearses at night, I’ve been forced to learn to cook healthy meals for myself but so far have been limited to what I can do on my George Foreman Grill.

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