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Are you terrified to eat food because you believe food is your enemy?

Discover 80 delicious recipes that will not only make you fall back in love with eating, but will also help transform your health and body FOR LIFE!

Hey friend, it’s your girl Jess.

If any of this speaks to you, it’s time for a diet revolution…and that all starts with your relationship with food.

Food Is Your Friend NOT Your Enemy

The first step, is to get over your fear of food.

Trust me, once you realize that food is your friend…your physical transformation gets easier.

Living Lean is about eating REAL food that taste REALLY delicious.

This Means…

  • No more boring food.
  • No more deprivation.
  • No more restriction.
  • No more diets.
  • No more fear.
Jessica & Desiree Rumbaugh

My Mom and I have always been interested in eating healthy.

However in the past, we have fallen victim to TONS of unsustainable crash diets.

We believed that starving ourselves was the best approach to avoid adding body fat.


In other words, we had a bad relationship with food.

You CAN eat plenty of foods that you love WITHOUT sacrificing flavor and WITHOUT getting fat!

And that’s why my mother and I teamed up to create the Fearless Foodie Cookbook.

We’re going to be real with you.

We haven’t always been as fit and healthy as we are now.

There was a time when we struggled with cellulite, pockets of fat, and embarrassment about our bodies.

We thought the only way to get skinny was through willpower.

We also believed that if we did get fat, it was our own fault for letting our guard down and indulging in guilty pleasures.

Have you been there?

Feeling guilty for indulging in your favorite foods, especially desserts?

We were slaves to our diets, always searching for a new one, and always failing after just a few days.

How many diets have failed you?

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And it should be!

A life without enjoying food, just isn’t the life you should be living.

It’s Time To Ditch the Fear of Food And Start Learning How To EAT RIGHT!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be:

  • Bland
  • Restricted
  • Flavorless

We have learned from our many diet failures, and now we know how to help you fix it.

Say goodbye to boring and bland diet foods and…

Say hello to the Fearless Foodie Cookbook!


With The Fearless Foodie Cookbook

Healthy Recipes That Taste AMAZING

Did you know that most people never use spices and seasonings when they cook? Let us show you our favorite spices and seasonings that will take your tastebuds to the next level…all without adding any high calorie sauces.

Learning this will be a GAME CHANGER for your nutrition

Variety Is The Taste Of Life!

If you get bored of eating the same meals every day, we have the solution for you. In the Fearless Foodie Cookbook, we show you how to make everything from mouth watering burrito bowls, to delicious sides like coleslaw, and even healthy breakfast scones. We guarantee you will be surprised and delighted by the meals you can actually eat.

Mouth WateringDesserts And Sweets!

Thought you had to give up desserts and sweets forever to Live Lean? Nope! Let us show you how you can use healthy ingredients to bake sweet desserts without the guilt or fat gain.

It's Time to Take Action and Live Lean 365 Days a Year

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Recipe Book

This complete recipe book has our favorite 80 delicious recipes that are quick, healthy, easy, affordable, and delicious.

Grocery List

When you go to the grocery store, you need a plan. That's why we’ve created a simple to use grocery shopping list featuring every ingredient needed. Simply open up the list on your smart phone and get in and out of the grocery store quickly.

Quick Start Guide

Learn all the tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your purchase. This quick start guide will show you how to quickly navigate the book and plan your meals.

We can’t wait to share our favorite meals with you

Live Lean Success Stories


1. Will these Recipes help me lose weight?

Eating good healthy food to the point of feeling happily full (plus working out) will bring your body into perfect balance. For some that may mean losing weight. The key is to eat enough to feel satisfied, but avoid over-eating. We’ve designed all of these recipes to have a balance of carbohydrates, fiber, protein, healthy fats, as well as vitamins and minerals that will nourish your body at the same time as providing a pleasing and satiating experience. We find that with the right balance in your nutrition the temptation to over-eat becomes less, therefore your weight naturally maintains the right level.

2. What if I have allergies?

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in these recipes, please feel free to make substitutions. Most of our ingredients are safe for everyone as they are gluten, soy and dairy free.

3. Are these recipes made by professional chefs?

We would not call ourselves professional chefs, but we are experienced and enthusiastic and we have tried each of these recipes multiple times so we know that they work.

4. What’s Fearless about these recipes?

Preparing delicious healthy food transforms your fear of food and cooking for yourself helps you become aware of what you are eating. We feel that you will lose your desire for fast or take out food after you learn how to make delicious high quality food at home. You are what you eat and it is best that you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Over the years we have learned that developing a love for healthy cooking and making food at home has helped us overcome our fear or eating the wrong foods or over-eating. Often times over-eating is a symptom of previously under-eating, so keeping a steady stream of balanced nutrition is the best way to fall for either trap.

5. Should I count calories or macros?

It’s up to you. All of our recipes are pretty balanced and macro-friendly. When you eat whole natural foods like the ones in these recipes and you are getting a variety each day, you don’t have to worry so much about the numbers. If you have a specific weight loss or gain goal you may want to create a meal plan that aligns with your goals. We’ve provided calorie and macro info on each recipe for your convenience.

6. Can I use this book if I’m a Vegan/Vegetarian?

Absolutely.  The recipes in this book are all plant based, so if you want to make a dish into a vegan or vegetarian option, you can easily substitute beans, eggs or cheese for meat or other animal products. We do not recommend soy, but tempeh once in a while is an option as it is fermented.

7. Can I order a hard-copy?

No, sorry we do not offer a hard-copy version, but you can certainly print out the recipes if you like.

8. Are these recipes good for Women over certain age..(50, 60, 70?)

Desiree Rumbaugh (the co-author) is 58 years young! and many of these recipes are staples in her diet. Eating well at any and every age is important and there is certainly no age-restriction on healthy balanced eating.

9. Why is there no soy or soy-protein in these recipes?  Is tofu/tempeh/etc.. unhealthy?

It’s been our experience that we don’t need to use it as a meat substitute, we either choose chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, or the occasional red meat as our regular sources of protein. Vegetarians can use tempeh, beans, nuts and sprouts to replace animal meat protein in these recipes.

10. Why is there no red-meat in these recipes, do you not recommend eating red meat?

Yes! We enjoy eating red meat on occasion though we do use it sparingly. In this book we decided to share with you only our most frequent and regular dietary staples. There are many reasons for using red meat sparingly, one being in favor of the environment. We are very particular about the type of red meat that we will eat, preferring grass fed and grass finished over conventionally produced beef. This is a very expensive type of meat but once in a while it is a great treat and it has a lot of health benefits. We might choose to eat grass fed red beef out at a nice restaurant for a special occasion or treat ourselves at home once a month.

11. How many eggs is okay per day?

Depending on your body size, we recommend about two to four per day.

12. Is it better to eat egg whites or keep the yolks in?

Definitely keep the yolks in! Egg yolks are very healthy for you. We recommend cooking them very gently over low-heat to retain as many of the nutrients as possible. Desiree puts two organic egg yolks in her smoothie every other day and then cooks the whites to enjoy with her salad at lunch.

13. Do I need to take any supplements like multivitamins while on this meal plan?

Unless your doctor or nutritionist has specifically recommended supplements, you may not need any if you are eating a clean well balanced diet. if you have your blood work done and find that your thyroid is out of balance or anything else for that matter, we suggest you consult with a qualified nutritionist. Desiree did this at the time of menopause and it made all the difference for her. She had low thyroid and adrenal fatigue, but now, with the proper supplementation, nutrition and exercise, she is feeling better than ever.

14. Why is gluten-free healthier?

There is a lot of press about gluten these days. Organic wheat might be fine and digestible for many people, but when you eat stop eating gluten in the form of refined flour and substitute it with more plant food your digestion and assimilation of food improves dramatically. Refined flour products turn into sugar during the digestion process and too much sugar causes inflammation which is the root of many diseases in the body. We find that gluten containing foods are not necessary and you can have a full and vibrant diet without them! So regardless if you are gluten tolerant or not, we figure why not try to live gluten-free? Bread and pasta are inferior food sources to plants and best to save for only occasional use.

It's Time to Take Action and Live Lean 365 Days a Year

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