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What To Do When You Overeat


Have you ruined everything??

Overeating happens. What you need is a strategy for after.

What To Do When You Overeat

Happy Thanksgiving! Or should we say National Overeating Day!

I am very excited about sitting down with a big plate of comfort foods and feasting until I feel stuffed. Then unbuttoning my pants to make room for pie. 🙂

I’m serious. Not joking about this. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing tonight.

Overeating is a part of human nature, it happens from time to time and sometimes it’s necessary and awesome to eat as much as you like without guilt and regret.

Since occasional overeating is inevitable it’s important we know the right way to react after this happens.

We’re gonna start off with a pop quiz question for YOU.
I want to know what most people think they should do after overeating.

Should you:
A: Under eat the next day? Little or no calories to make up for how many you ate before.
B: Increase exercise to burn off extra calories? Workout like a maniac & punish yourself for your lack of willpower.
C: Give up on your fat loss goal because you suck at it?

My answer: absolutely none of the above.

First of all you don’t suck at anything. Making mistakes every once in a while is part of being human. AND planning to overeat is not even making a mistake. In fact we recommend you have a hearty sized cheat meal once per week as a strategy to keep yourself living the lean lifestyle for the rest of your life.

There’s this stigma in the fitness industry that anyone with abs or a low bodyfat percentage must just be like this super dedicated robot that doesn’t even like food and can pass up cookies and pie no problem. – WRONG! this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I LOVE food. Every human on this planet loves food. You’re love of food has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to become lean and healthy. Blaming excess body fat on a love of food is just a cop out excuse. You can 100% love food and still get lean and feel awesome.

So after your binge meal, should you just under eat the next day to make up for it?
No! there are no make-ups. We cannot erase or change the past in any way. The only thing we can do is shape the future & your future will be much brighter if you stay the course of your goals instead of swaying way to the other side which in the end just sets you up for another binge. Aim for the middle ground and get yourself back to “normal” behaviors as soon as possible. If you don’t feel hungry at your next usual meal time then maybe have half a portion but don’t skip that meal time all together. You need to continue to fuel your body & resume business as usual.

And when it comes to extra exercise for extra calorie burn.. yeah I have no problem with you increasing your intensity a little, adding a few more sets or rounds to your workout, or going for an extra hike or something, but you do not need to torture yourself working out till you puke.

Keep it reasonable and be kind to yourself. There does not need to be any punishment for overeating.

So to summarize, the live lean recommendation for what to do after overeating is to: forget about it! move on. continue your regular healthy lifestyle habits. & KEEP Living Lean!

If you’re still not sure what to eat on a daily to live the lean lifestyle pick up our Live Lean 20 Diet book, it comes with 20 delicious recipes you can make in under 20 mins each using only 20 healthy ingredients. Establishing your “normal” level of calories is an important step in getting and staying lean forever.

Thanks for watching today’s episode, keep Living LEAN!
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