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Top 12 Power Foods for Women


Eliminating the wrong foods from your diet is a frustrating approach. Try a new approach of including many of the BEST foods.

By focusing on these 12 food types you’ll set yourself up for Live Lean success

Focus on what you DO want in your diet

In this new year, so many people have the goal of losing weight, eating healthier and getting fit. But they approach the goals the wrong way. Instead of focusing on what to remove from your diet, what to give up, or what not to eat, we want you to focus on some power foods you should include in your diet to stay slim, strong and more vibrant than ever.

After working with many clients over the years, it’s become clear that the hardest part of mastering good nutrition isn’t just the willpower to avoid junk food, it’s actually the consistent effort to include a wide variety of highly nutrient dense and incredible health boosting, vitamin rich foods into the diet.

So I would love help you get started by providing a simple list of the top 12 foods I include in my diet regularly. By grocery shopping for these 12 items on your next grocery haul, we’ll easily get you started on your best diet ever

1). Berries (like blueberries, and raspberries) – antioxidants and vitamins that help you stay looking younger

2). Nuts (like almonds and walnuts) – help slow digestion and keep you fuller longer, also provide fat soluble vitamins and help lower bad cholesterol by providing omega-3’s

3). Organic Poultry (like chicken and turkey) – protein rich and easy to combine with any meal or recipe.

4). Grass Fed Red Meat (like ground beef and steak) – also high in protein and other nutrients like iron and vitamin B12 and zinc, which are all especially important for women.

5). Whole Unrefined Grains (like oatmeal and sprouted grain bread) – good source of slow digesting carbs and high in fiber. will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

6). Fruits (like grapes and apples, lemons) – Tons of various vitamins and minerals, also very hydrating to keep you looking younger and feeling energetic.

7). Leafy Greens (like spinach and arugula) – Super low in calories, very high in nutrients and vitamins, very alkalizing and cleansing to the body

8). Organic Cage Free Eggs – good source of protein and B12, zinc and copper

9). Oils (like coconut and olive oil) – improve metabolism & thyroid function. Help to stabilize Blood sugar & control insulin response. Helps us absorb more of the fat soluble vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Brings out flavors in foods and improves textures. Perfect for recipes

10). Fibrous Vegetables (like brussels sprouts and celery) Help destroy belly fat, provide tons of vitamins like C, A & E, potassium and folic acid. Fun to use in recipes and very filling as they are high in fiber and low in calories, you can eat as much as you want! We call them Free Foods!

11). Spices and Seasonings (like herbs and pink himalayan salt) Add flavor to your meals without added calories. Boost metabolism, some are antibacterial & disease fighting. But most of all we love them because we can use them to enhance the flavor of our healthy meals

12). Water, Water, and more Water – hydrating, helps control calories, helping you eat less. Energizes muscles, muscles are made of water, so it makes sense to drink a lot of it if you want healthy and functioning muscles. Keeps your skin plump, reducing appearance of wrinkles. Detoxifies your liver helping you metabolize fat and toxins better

There are thousands of delicious meals you can make with this list, and we teach you how with a new recipe every week inside Step by step instructions led by me and Brad to show you the way to eating delicious foods while losing weight, building muscle and living lean forever.

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Thanks for watching and KEEP Living Lean!

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