Stop Training Trouble Zones – No More Batwing or Muffin Top Workouts


Are you surprised to hear this from me?

Here’s the truth:

I have created MANY trouble zone workouts in the past.

Trouble zone solutions have been the top requested thing on our channel.

Questions like:

“What’s a good workout for back fat?”

“How do I get rid of muffin top?”


“What exercises get rid of Armpit Fat?”

are ones we see often.

The trouble zone workouts I’ve made are not useless, but they are not a REAL, long-term, lasting solution to those issues.

To get rid of Trouble Zones for good, you’ll need a mindset shift.

Yes, I have created many trouble zone targeted workouts on YouTube.

The purpose of those workouts is to give you something actionable in the moment to inspire you & begin your journey to getting fit and Living Lean for life.

I want to be as clear as I can that random workouts with no long-term goal are only going to get you so far in fitness.

To get truly fit all over and let go of trouble zones your focus needs to shift from what you want to lose to what you want to gain. Focus on your future and on building the body you do want.

The real way to say goodbye to trouble zones for good = Team Live Lean ongoing workout and meal plans. New content published every week to keep you lean and toned all over.


Strength Training should be the main priority to get rid of trouble zones.

Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 50’s, 70’s or beyond, this goes for all ages and life stages.

When you are strong you’ll be more capable of doing any type of cardio you want.

You’ll also be burning more calories while at rest.

Building lean muscle in your body is the solution to getting rid of:



muffin tops

the pooch

jiggly inner thighs

armpit fat

or any other trouble zone that you struggle with.

It’s time to re-configure your goals to focus on what you want to create and become rather than what you want to get rid of or lose.

Instead of

“I want to get rid of my muffin top”

your goal could shift to

“I want to create a lean and toned midsection”

Our thoughts attract things. When we stay focused on what we don’t want, we inevitably get more of it.

Forget the problems, and work towards the solutions.

Team Live Lean can help you do that by focusing on primarily strength training, healthy eating and creating a lean body and high metabolism that will stay that way for life.

Trouble zones will no longer be a concern when you notice how strong, lean and healthy your body is becoming by focusing on the right things.

Join us in Team Live Lean to get and stay lean for now and for every age and life stage.



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