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Live Lean Beginner

The Ultimate Beginner Bundle to Start Your Live Lean Fitness Journey!

Start your Fitness Journey
With The Ultimate Beginner Bundle

  • Beginner Weight Training Plan
  • Beginner Home Workout Vids
  • Beginner HIIT Cardio Workouts
  • Beginner Mobility Workouts
  • Beginner Yoga Workouts

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Your Fitness Journey Begins Now

Tired of feeling out of shape or uncomfortable in your body?

Coach Brad & Jessica Gouthro

Hey my friends, Brad and Jess here.

We’re excited you’re here.

You found us because you are looking to make a change.

You are ready to start living the fit life.

We’re ready to show you how but…

we want to make sure you begin the right way.

Beginners often waste too much time focusing on the wrong things.

Now don’t get us wrong…

Some exercise is always better for you than no exercise…

But here’s the thinking process where many people get it wrong:

“I need to do as much cardio as possible, and swear off my favorite foods to get in shape”


If you’ve been following our journey, you know by now that is NOT the answer.

You’re about to discover a much better and more sane approach to fitness.

Here’s what you get with Live Lean Beginner.

  • Workouts that are actually FUN to do and teach you the fundamentals of weight training.
  • A Training Schedule that builds in rest days
  • Cardio that works faster (we’re talking minutes)
  • Everything is designed for beginners

THE SOLUTION To Begin and SUSTAIN your Live Lean Journey

SOLUTION #1: Don't Rush the Process

As a Live Lean beginner, it’s important that you take it slow. Focus on PROGRESS instead of perfection. We’ll show you how to pace yourself so you can Live Lean for the long run, not just for a few weeks.

SOLUTION #2: Learn the Fundamentals

Basic exercises are what you need to get lean and stay lean for life. Let us teach you the basics before you get all fancy. This is your 101 crash course to learn everything you need to know to stay fit for life.

SOLUTION #3: Ditch the Old Fitness Mindset

If you have ever thought:

“I need as much cardio as possible and to give up yummy food”, it’s time for a mental revolution!

With Live Lean beginner you’ll re-program your mind to focus on the correct aspects of fitness.

It's Time to Take Action and Do Your Body Right

Was $215 Now Only $147

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Here's What You Get When You Invest In The Live Lean Beginner Bundle Today...

Beginner Weight Loss 101: Cardio Or Weight Training?

Component #1: Live Lean Newbie 6 Week Workout Program

This brand new Live Lean Newbie program was designed specifically for YOU - the person who has never trained at the gym and doesn't know where to start. With this training guide you'll never walk into the gym with that blank stare, looking around not knowing what to do. We take away all the guess work and tell you exactly what's important to focus on to get the results you want.

Component #2: Home Shred Videos

If for some reason you don't want to go to the gym, or you happen to be traveling, or just prefer to train at home, we have you covered with 18 awesome home workouts that take only 15-20 minutes each. You can even follow along with Coach Jess on the workout videos.

Live Lean Sprint

Component #3: Live Lean Sprint

Don't worry, sprinting is not only for athletes. With the beginners guide in Live Lean Sprint you'll learn how to do the BEST kind of cardio for getting and staying lean. Don't worry if you've never sprinted before, we'll show you how you can go from zero to hero with this step by step guide.

Component #4: Live Lean Mobility Videos

Moving well is a major part of getting and staying lean forever. Follow Brad's mobility workouts to unlock your stiffness, take care of your joints, and stay feeling young forever.

Live Lean Yoga

Component #5: Live Lean Yoga Videos

Yoga is an essential component of a well-rounded fit life. These 30 minute flow practices are perfect for your rest days and will complement your Live Lean training style.

Live Lean Success Stories


1. Can both males and females use these programs?

Absolutely. These programs are excellent for any person to start Living Lean.

2. What is a Live Lean Beginner?

We consider you a beginner if:

  • You have never exercised before, or have very little experience with exercise
  • You have never followed a workout program before
  • You were active when you were younger but haven’t been for 5 or more years

3. How long is each workout?

Each workout varies in length, but you can bet we won’t have you training for more than 1 hour per day. Some workouts are as little as 15 minutes.

4. Is this the only workout program I need to do?

Yes. There is plenty of variety of content in here to keep you motivated and get you results. Follow the schedule and you’ll have a great balance of muscle building, fat burning, mobility, and yoga.

5. Does it matter what time of day I do the workouts?

Any time of day that works for you is fine.

6. Where do I do these Live Lean Beginner workouts?

We’re providing you with 18 unique Gym workouts as well as 18 unique Home workouts. The mobility and yoga practices can be done anywhere. You can decide where you want to train.

7. What if I don’t have the equipment as indicated in the workout?

Although it’s recommended you invest a few bucks in a gym membership, we do have quite a few equipment-free workouts included in the Home Shred Program. If you would like more no-equipment workouts you should check out our Live Lean HIIT program.

8. I understand I’m buying a digital download. How do I download it and is it viewable on my iPad?

By purchasing a digital downloadable product, you instantly get access to the system and save on shipping costs. It’s quick and very easy to download the entire program to your computer after you purchase it (it only takes a few seconds to download). Once you download the files to your computer, you can save the files to a directory. You can then open it to read it on your computer, you can share it to your smart device like your smart phone or tablet, or you can go old school and print it out to bring with you to read anywhere.

9. I’m not from the US so can I still buy it? Is the price in US dollars?

We process orders from the majority of the countries in the world. Yes the price listed is in US dollars but the secure credit card processing company (Clickbank) will simply convert the price into your country’s currency.

10. What if it doesn’t work for me?

Since I’m so confident that this system will work for you, I’m putting a 30 day money back guarantee behind my offer. No hassles. No questions asked. Request a full refund, and you’ll get it quickly.

It's Time to take Action and Live Lean FOREVER!

Was $215 Now Only $147

Order Now all major credit cards accepted

secure 100% Secure Checkout

PLEASE NOTE: This Bundle of programs is made up of instant downloads. This is GREAT NEWS, as it means you will get access to all the programs instantly with no waiting and no shipping costs. Once again, no physical products will be shipped. An automatic e-mail with a link will be sent to you immediately following payment. This link will get you INSTANT ACCESS to the programs

Please read this obvious disclaimer: According to the FTC, it is required that we identify what a typical result is. This program is a lifestyle, not a quick fix or short-term fad. If you are committed and implement the teachings into your everyday lifestyle, you are setting yourself up to see results. Unfortunately reality shows that most people never take action on the programs they buy, thus they don’t get results. We provide the framework, but ultimately it is up to you to execute and do the work.