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If I missed workouts, Should I Start Over or Continue?

What should you do if you were following a program and missed more than 3 workouts or stopped before finishing it?

Which is the best way to go?

Start over from the beginning?

Or pick up where you left off?

All of our training and nutrition programs come with a calendar that maps out the ideal frequency and order to follow the workouts.

For best results, follow the schedule calendar as written without modifications or pauses

But sometimes LIFE HAPPENS.

There can be a multitude of reasons why you might have to miss a few workouts, pause, or stop following the schedule you were on.

If it’s been days, weeks or even months since you fell off the schedule you might be wondering which is the right choice?

Start over or Resume?

You may be thinking the answer, like with most things in fitness is: It depends.

And it does depend on a few things, but not on as much as you might think.

I used to “go with my gut” and decide based on my feelings…

But here is the thing about feelings:

It is in our human nature to always choose what feels easy and warm and cozy and avoid the difficult way.

The most amazing things in life take time, hard work, consistent dedication, and commitment to an outcome.

Instead we should be asking ourselves:

  • Do I want the BEST MOST AMAZING RESULTS possible?
  • Or Do I just want to check the box to say I did it?

I know you want the Best results. That’s why you’re asking this question.

Based on the mission for best results, there are two thing that the answer still depends on.

Here are the main two questions that can help you make your choice:

  1. Were you following one of our Signature Transformation programs that you can start on any day and has a 6, 9 or 12 week deadline?
  1. Or were you following one of our ongoing Monthly Team Live Lean programs that are scheduled on distinct Calendar days and published in an ongoing way with new workouts every single day 365 days a year?

The type of program is an important distinction because:

Our Signature Transformation programs, for example 12 week Formula for Women, or 6 week Afterburn-DB… come with a specific timeframe and a specific goal for the program to achieve within that time.

Example: with Formula for Women you can achieve a lean toned fitness model physique within 12 weeks. With Afterburn-DB you can maximize the Afterburn effect to blast fat and build lean and defined muscle with just Dumbbells.

Our Monthly Team Live Lean plans are meant to be ongoing. They are designed for actual calendar days, for example “Day 19 of January 2021 Best Workout Ever 2.0”. These are designed for lifetime maintenance of Living Lean forever.

So here’s the verdict depending on which type of program you were following:

1. If you were following one of our Signature Transformation programs:

only 5 shown for example we have many more

You should Start Over if:

It has been more than 3 consecutive days missed.

If you missed one, two or even 3 days in a row it’s easy enough to make that up and get back on track by using some of the next planned rest days as workout days instead.

You should Resume if:

Only 2 or 3 days have been missed. Continue on and make up the 1 or 2 missed workouts on your next planned rest days.

Your results will be best when following the given schedule as closely as possible.

There’s a reason we schedule the transformative workouts for you and provide a strict deadline.

The frequency and timing of the workouts in the program is important to achieving the promised result.

The deadline is important motivation to seize today and not be flexible about when you’ll workout.

Missing more than 3 consecutive days will likely stall your momentum and motivation which could have a detrimental effect on the results you can achieve with the program.

Starting over, especially if it has only been a few weeks of training so far is not such a bad thing.

It’s great to be able to start over and re-commit to the results you signed up for in the first place.

You’ll get a second chance at your commitment.

Get a second chance at each of the workouts that you now know how to do.

Improve your results even more so because this time around you’ll be going into it with more experience under your belt.

Consider the first attempt a learning experience rather than a failure. The only real failure is if you quit all together. Starting over again is a smart move that will push you forward.

One of the most important effects of our transformation programs is the mental commitment to change.

We need you to take it seriously for it to work.

Don’t allow it to be acceptable to start and stop as much as you want.

Once you commit, you should adopt a “no-quit attitude”.

Regardless of how you feel, or what excuses pop up, you will GET UP, GET DRESSED, SHOW UP, and DO THE WORK.

A strong mindset:

Nothing can stop me. I am unstoppable.

This kind of mindset is a common thread between our most successful trainees.

We completely understand that life circumstance and events can be unpredictable.

There is so much in our lives that we cannot control.

Was your reason for stopping just a perceived obstacle or was it real?

Some reasons are very real.

For example: a broken bone or other injury would be a really good reason to stop a program.

A death in the family or tragic life event can be a very valid reason to stop.

On the other hand, getting too busy at work, not feeling like it, or just losing interest are not the realist reasons.

Asking yourself honestly: Would it be better for me to stop here or push forward?

Many times there were creative ways you could have got those workouts done on time if you really cared to.

Being blunt and honest with yourself and digging deep to find your “why” is the best way to sort through the multitude of excuses and discover what illusions are actually standing between you and your incredible results.

Your “why” is the important thing that will get you through workouts on those days when it feels impossible.

Now let’s consider an alternative scenario:

2. If you were following one of our Monthly Team Live Lean plans

January 2021 plan shown for example but a new one is published every month

You should Start on the Calendar day that it is.

The beauty of our Team Live Lean Training guides is that they continue to pump out fresh content for you.

Every workout is designed with the same goal: To help you Live Lean forever.

You do not have to start over on these training guides ever.

If you miss some days don’t stress about it.

Just pick up on the current day and do your best to stay consistent from there on out.

Even though we would hope that you’d be just as committed to these training programs as any other, there is a bit more leeway because of the ongoing nature.

It’s best for you to stay on schedule with the rest of the Team globally rather than following workouts from past weeks or months.

If you try and catch up with a moving object you’ll always be behind.

Start where we are, and go from there.

Now you know the answer.

You either commit fully to finishing a transformation program from start to finish, give yourself a 3 day leeway, or else you start again from the beginning.


You can follow our ongoing Team training guides and keep on the current day.

You can do this, and we are always here to support you.

Join our Team Live Lean training plans:

Follow the same workouts I’m following:




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