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Get a Better workout with a Smart Sports Bra


Knowing your heart rate, lung activity, and calorie burn can empower you and enhance your workouts

Live data helps you determine your workout intensity & empowers you to make decisions during your workout to train more effectively towards your goals.

Learn how to use a Smart Sports Bra to monitor your biometrics for more intense and more effective workouts.

Ever heard of a smart sports bra? This dream item becomes a reality this spring with OMsignal’s launch of a sports bra that monitors your heart rate, breathing rate, caloric burn, exertion and a range of other metrics. Not only is it cool and useful tech, it looks great and is really comfortable! This is honestly the most supportive bra I’ve ever worn.

You can see the data live while you are working out so you can make the decision on how hard to push yourself. I also love that I can track my recovery periods so I don’t linger too long and waste time during my workouts.

Pricing: A full kit (1 sports bra, 1 black box & 1 charging cable): $149.00 | Additional smart bras: $59.00 ea.

The main benefit of wearing a smart sports bra is that you’ll be taking control of your workouts, and making better decisions about how hard to push yourself in real time. I have to admit, I’m always much more motivated when someone is watching, so I love the ease and availability of sharing my data from the app. You can immediately text your workouts to friends or post on your social media for community accountability and friendly competition.

The other obvious benefit is in the quality of this bra itself. It’s very attractive, fashionable, and super supportive for women of all bra sizes. I much prefer this to other heart rate monitors that require a strap around the chest. For women that extra strap can be a cumbersome and annoying layer to add to our workout wardrobe.

The OMsignal bra comes with a starter kit that includes the black box and charger and your first bra. You can later order additional bras as they have a variety of colors and looks to go with your style. Check out the pictures below to see some of their selection. The black box is very easy to detach making this bra simple to clean after workouts.

This product is not yet launched but will be available very soon (Spring 2016) and you can be the first to know about it by signing up with your email address at this link:

This is a huge step in the direction of empowering technology to help us conquer new heights with our fitness. I’m excited to be a part of this as I love to support and help progress fitness technology. I’ll continue to use this bra during my workouts and update you in the future on my improvements and experience.

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