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Why Your Diet Doesn’t Taste Good


Healthy food does not need to be bland

If you’re eating boring diet food, then…you’re probably doing it wrong!

Why Your Diet Doesn’t Taste Good

Have you been eating boring diet food in efforts to keep your calories as low as possible?

Have you ever asked these questions?:

Do I have to eat salad every day to be healthy?


Why does everything that tastes good have to be bad for you?



We get a lot of questions about how to stay motivated to eat a healthy diet. A lot of people get bored eating the same healthy meals day in and day out and they fail with their diets because they crave variety that they think they can’t have.

I want to help teach you that variety IS healthy and encouraged when you’re living the lean lifestyle. You shouldn’t be stuck eating the same boring meals over and over. We don’t roll like that.

When I first started out in fitness I ate super bland food just because I was so determined to succeed at my goals, I thought flavor didn’t matter. But then after a while I cracked and gave into all the deliciousness that I thought off-limits. All at once I ate everything I had restrained from and the results weren’t pretty… Has this happened to you?

Now my focus is much more on nourishing my body, my taste buds and my excitement for variety, so I seek healthier alternatives for foods I love most.

I want to show you two very different salads, and talk about the reason why the salad on the left is healthier than the one on the right even though it’s higher in calories.

I hope this video will inspire you to get more creative with your meal preparation, dive into a delicious cookbook and discover all the flavor you’ve been missing.

A diet too low in calories and flavor will just leave you tired, hungry, and cranky…. Tired-hungry-cranky people don’t stick to their gym schedule, so you can see why this is a lose-lose situation.

Feed yourself well

Thanks for watching! and KEEP Living Lean

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