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6 Fitness Things I Can’t Live Without

Best items to help you stay motivated and inspired to live lean 365

Today I’m sharing with you 6 of my favorite fitness items.

6 Fitness Things I Can’t Live Without

Today I’m sharing with you 6 of my favorite fitness items that I can’t live without! (or at least that make my fitness journey much more enjoyable!).

You might like to try some of thing things too to help enhance your workouts and get better results with your fitness training.

1. Catalyst Grass Fed Whey Protein

This is a dietary supplement, not essential for everyone to take, but I have been a huge fan of Whey protein for about a decade now, as it helps me reach my daily protein goals for a strong, lean and toned body. Each serving of this Whey has 24g of protein, and only 110 calories, so I love using is post-workout in a smoothie to satisfy my body’s protein requirements and help build and maintain lean muscle.

This is a new brand that I’ve just started using and I love it because it meets all of my personal requirements for a whey protein:

  • Clean Ingredients List – no fillers, no junk
  • Sweetened with Stevia – no artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Chocolate or Vanilla – I prefer these simple flavors
  • NSF Certified – goes through rigorous testing for quality standards
  • Grass Fed – sourced from healthier cows milk
  • Affordable – 30 servings, each serving is just over $1, which is very affordable when comparing to food sources of protein.

2. Baby Carrier

Now that I’m a new mom (my baby is 7 months old) I have her with me pretty much ALL THE TIME. So when I go to get my cardio in or go for fitness walks I use the Baby Bjorn carrier.
This is my favorite carrier I’ve tried so far, I love the way it fits and it’s comfortable for my baby even when I climb stairs, do walking lunges, or light bounce squats.

3. iPhone Case and Ring

I always have my phone with me when I’m training because I love to play music and I’m very social, sharing clips of my workouts on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. This Casemate iridescent iPhone 7 plus protective case is gorgeous and protects my phone even when I accidentally drop it.
The Bear Stand has been a great tool to give me better grip on my phone, helping me drop it less often!

4. Loop Stretch Resistance Bands

Athleema loop bands. I use these for a variety of exercises when training at home. Helps add resistance to bodyweight exercises and allows you to train your back muscles which is hard to do without these.
Follow me through this 10 minute stretch band workout.

5. High Quality/Cute Fitness Apparel

Dressing cute is so essential for a fit lifestyle, because if you’re going to be training everyday, don’t you want to look cute every day?
Dressing well gives you confidence, makes you feel more excited to workout and therefore leads to better and more frequent workouts.
There are so many great brands of fitness wear, but these are just a few of my faves:
Kira Grace Brand
V3 Apparel:
Sweaty Betty:

6.  Skipping Rope

I love jump rope because it’s a fantastic way to get your cardio done quick! Just a few minutes per day is great for amazing cardio benefit. I wasn’t able to find the exact one I have, but this one is similar.

Big thanks to Catalyst Whey for sponsoring this content & providing me with samples of their awesome grass fed whey protein. You can pick up a bag and save 10% when you shop this link:

Thanks for your comments, & KEEP! Living Lean!

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