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1 Simple Trick for Easy Weight Loss


Simple Trick for Easy Weight Loss

No workouts required!

This trick is one you can use everyday at every meal time.

This can have tremendous impact on your weight over time and it’s simple to do.

Even though this trick has nothing to do with exercise, my true recommendation for weight loss is to both increase your activity level AND eat a healthy diet in the right amounts.

Exercise not only burns calories helping you create a daily calorie deficit but it helps you feel good, get stronger, build muscle tone, but this trick has nothing to do with exercise.

The trick is…. PORTION CONTROL!… stay with me…

If you continued to eat the same foods you eat now, but cut down the portions of only the highest calorie foods you will naturally put yourself in a deficit and lose weight easily over time.

This trick works even if you eat out at restaurants for every meal of every day. You can ask to remove certain items like oil, cheese, or sauces, or pack up half of your meal splitting one meal into two.

A really good tool for you to use at home when you’re making food for yourself is to use a food scale to measure out high calorie foods.
We don’t measure fibrous veggies, those are considered free foods. You can see a list of which veggies are considered free in our Meal Planner Software.

Once you know the measurements of your food, for example 120grams of chicken, you can go online and search that amount and you’ll find nutritional info such as how many calories, grams of carbs, fats and proteins.

When it comes to nut butters especially, one heaping Tablespoon might actually be 2 Tablespoons worth, so be careful when just measuring by “spoonful”. The food scale will give you more accurate measurements which can lead to big weight loss results in the long term.

MOST people need to lose some weight.. meaning MOST people are likely underestimating the values of the foods they are eating.

Knowing your portions is not just important for weight loss though, it’s also important for muscle gain. If you want to gain muscle you need to be in a surplus AND workout to put those calories to good use, repairing torn muscle fibers. If your goal is to lose weight you need to be in a deficit which CAN be done with diet alone, but of course exercise will help make that deficit larger and help you build more muscle which in turn increases your metabolic rate.

For weight loss we recommend a slow and steady daily deficit of 300 calories per day. It’s pretty easy to do if you can just take 100 calories each off your breakfast lunch and dinner, or skip one of your snacks, you’d be putting yourself in a deficit easily and without hardly noticing the difference.

You do want to measure your starchy vegetables, but not the Fibrous Veggies. See this video about which foods are FREE!

Just watch out for how much oil you are adding to veggies. 1 Tablespoon of oil is around 120 calories so this can add up quickly if you tend to pour heavily.

This is how accidental surpluses can happen.

Bottom line, if you have some weight to lose it means at some point in your life you have been eating more food than your body needs. Losing weight is simply a correction of this. For a short period of time you’ll need to eat less than your needs until your body can use up the stored energy.

Be careful though! If you slash your calories too drastically it will backfire on you. You’ll most likely do great for a week or two then end up binging and losing all your progress. The best way to lose weight is slowly and steadily over time by making small changes in your diet and including more physical activity.

A deficit of 300 calories a day is small enough that you won’t really miss it and you’ll still be well fed and have plenty of energy.

There is so much debate about Clean Eating VS. If It Fits Your Macros. Brad and I don’t side on either. We recommend you eat MOSTLY healthy foods, because of they way they make you feel and how they affect your health, but you do still need to pay attention to the values of the foods you’re eating whether they are healthy or not.

Check out our Meal Planner Software. This is an amazing tool for planning your eating and becoming educated on the values of foods.

We use this software to calculate macros on every single recipe we publish in our Team Site

Take advantage of all the resources we have to offer you. I know it can seem complicated sometimes but we’re here to make it easier for you.

Thanks for watching! and KEEP living lean

If you need more help with your diet and figuring out how much and what to eat to reach your goals, let us know! I use our Meal Planner Software to write custom nutrition programs and offer custom coaching for clients. You can read more about it at

We provide nutrition information on all of our recipes at Team Live Lean

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We hope you will join us, become a member, and discover all the healthy food you can and should be enjoying on your journey to live lean.

Thanks for watching this episode and KEEP, living lean!


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