Why Whole Eggs Help You Lose Belly Fat

by Brad Gouthro, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist
Author of the hottest new Fat Loss & Ab Workout program: Awaken The Abs Within ’“ 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat


There are a lot of people that still think eggs and egg yolks are bad for them. Hopefully you’re not one of them, or if you are, hopefully you’ll read this article to the end so you can clearly see that eggs are one of the most nutrient packed foods you can eat for a lean flat stomach and six pack abs.

For years, the negative hype about eggs surrounded the yolk. Everyone talked about  how the yolk was unhealthy and bad for your heart because it contained all the fat and cholesterol. Chalk this up to another case of nutrition confusion 101.

The yolk is the most nutritious part of the egg

The yolk contains more than 90% of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants including vitamins A, D, E, K, B vitamins, calcium, choline, folate, iron, lutein, phosphorus, thiamin, zinc, and the panthothenic acid…just to name a few. And if you buy free range organic eggs (which you should be doing), you’re also getting a great source of essential fatty acids including healthy omega 3s. The anti-oxidants such as lutein help protect your body from inflammation (which in many cases is the cause of heart disease!).

Even the protein in egg whites has a lower bio availability rating (doesn’t absorb as well) and does not contain the same balance of amino acids as the whole egg.

What about the cholesterol?

You may not know it, but cholesterol can be healthy as it has many important functions in the body. Your body actually internally produces cholesterol on its own. However, when you consume foods with cholesterol, your body can lower the internal production of cholesterol to help balance things out.

HDL is considered a good form of cholesterol. LDL is considered the bad form. Recent studies have shown that consuming whole eggs can increase your good HDL cholesterol more than the bad LDL form. Therefore, consuming whole eggs actually helps improve your HDL to LDL cholesterol ratio. Score a point for whole eggs! Other studies showed that this rise in HDL cholesterol did not occur with just eating egg whites.

A good form of calories

Another great thing about the yolk is it’s a great source of calories as the micro nutrients help regulate your appetite, keeping you satiated throughout the day, thus eventually causing you to eat less calories overall. The healthy fat in the yolks also has a positive effect on your body’s FAT BURNING hormones. All things combined, these extra calories from the yolk will actually help you burn more calories rather than just eating egg whites.

Free range organic whole eggs vs. conventional grocery store whole eggs

The healthier the animal the more healthy the food. Therefore, there is a major difference in the nutritional value of chickens that are free to roam around outside and eat grass and other forage than chicken raised on unnatural grains and couped up inside cages. Free range chickens produce eggs that are much higher in healthy omega 3 fatty acids and much lower in inflammation producing (in excess) omega 6s as well as higher levels of vitamins and minerals.

See for yourself…compare the quality of a conventional grocery store egg and a free range organic egg by looking at the colour of the yolks and the brittleness of the shells. The free range organic whole egg has a yolk that is a deep orangish colour due to the high levels of carotenoids and a much stronger shell.

So that’s the truth about eggs. Don’t be fat and cholesterol phobic when it comes to the yolk.

And if you really want to lose belly fat and get six pack abs, replace your refined sugary breakfast cereals or bread with eggs. Results from studies showed that the group that eat eggs for breakfast lost or maintained their healthy weight while the cereal and bread group gained weight. Eggs help control your appetite thus making your eat less calories throughout the day versus the blood sugar swings and cravings caused by cereal and bread.

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