The Best Homemade Protein Bar Recipe

We all need convenient easy, travel-friendly snack options that are high in protein

Let’s face it… we all need convenient easy, travel-friendly snack options that are high in protein. But eating too much processed packaged food is really not good for our diets, so what alternative do we have??

Presenting to you, my favorite healthy homemade protein bar recipe!!

This is from my new cookbook, Fearless Foodie Cookbook  page 77.

In this video I’ll show you step by step how I make these.

Nutritional info provided in the recipe book.

I totally feel you when you say, “I need a convenient option that’s high in protein and healthy” …

Here’s the truth, so do I! I’m constantly on the go, training clients, filming videos, running errands, and working out, I don’t ALWAYS have time to sit down to a well-balanced healthy meal. So I really do need options that I can throw in my gym bag and feel good about.

The Best Homemade Protein Bar Recipe

…I’ve never really been a fan of protein bars, and I’ve tried a lot of them. Many of them are chalky, too chewy, artificially flavored, or just downright gross. And reading the ingredient lists makes me dizzy. Even some of our favorite bars on the market contain Isomalto-Oligosaccarides to get the carbs as low as possible while still providing a sweet taste.. Okay maybe they come from natural fibers sourced from a plant, I understand the argument for it, but I can’t pronounce it, so I’m not a fan of eating it every day.

If you’re like me and you want to stick to as natural of food sources as possible then you’ll want to make this recipe

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