The 2-Day Diet #LLTV

Does The 2-Day Diet i.e. 5:2 Diet Work?

Live Lean Nation, viagra 60mg on today’s episode of Live Lean TV I’m answering a viewer’s question on my opinion of the 2 day diet, buy also known as the 5:2 Diet.

Alright, price since Live Lean TV is all about educating, motivating, and inspiring you, I decided to create this episode to answer a specific question I get asked a lot.

What are my thoughts on the 2-day diet a.k.a. the 5:2 Diet. And does the 2-day diet work?

So before I give my thoughts…

I’ve never tried the 2-day diet before. Therefore I’m only giving my opinion on the principles of the 2-day, 5:2 Diet.

Here’s the cliff notes version of it.

What is the 2-Day Diet?

The 5:2, 2-day diet works like this.

You pick any 2 days a week to follow a low carbohydrate day of eating. This means you would consume less than 50 grams of carbs on those days.

Then for the remaining 5 days of the week, you, I quote, “eat normally but sensibly with the help of the healthy eating guidelines.”

This would include a regular carbohydrate intake, without over-consuming processed carbs. So carb selections would include: grains, fruits, and non-starchy carbs.

So based on those given principles…

Do I think the 2 day diet works to lose weight?


Why do I think this? Because it seems like it would follow the main principle of being in a calorie deficit.

And it also focuses on a diet comprised of lower carb foods so your body will produce less insulin, thus burning more body fat for energy.

It’s also very similar to another fat loss approach called carb cycling, where you have low carb and higher carb days.

Does the 2-Day Diet make “dieting” any easier?

Like I said…

I’ve never personally tried it, but I think it may be easier for some and may be more difficult for others.

You tell me.

In the comments below, do you think the 2-day diet makes life easier or more difficult?

Bottom line Live Lean Nation

I personally prefer a more standard approach of eating a consistent daily amount of clean and healthy foods and then enjoy one cheat meal a week. This makes me feel better without the feeling of being deprived.

The 2-day diet a.k.a. the 5:2 diet, is just another tool.

The main principles remain the same:

#1. Be in a calorie deficit.

#2. Focus on eating healthy foods that are comprised of protein, healthy carbs, and lower carb options. This keeps your body in fat burning mode.

So go a head and try the 2-day diet method if it sounds appealing to you and be sure to let me know how it goes.

If it doesn’t seem appealing to you, stick to what you’re doing if it’s working for you.

Remember, there’s no one size fits all approach that works for everybody.

Getting to your goals may take a different path.

And don’t forget…

Regardless of how you get there, your focus should be on eating delicious and healthy meals and snacks.

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