SPEED – Tabata Workout Program

SPEED Tabata Workout Program

Tabata Workout Video – SPEED!

I admit it…I’m not taking it easy on you today. This tabata workout program is called SPEED.

But the good thing…it’s going to speed up your RESULTS!

We’re pulling in moves that require foot speed and overall cardio and core conditioning.

Are you ready to get sweaty?

Use this 4 minute tabata routine as a “workout finisher” at the end of your strength training routine or immediately after you wake up in the morning. By incorporating more of these tabata workouts into your daily routine, you’ll be burning fat more efficiently throughout the day/night.

Here’s how the SPEED – Tabata Workout  is structured:

All you need to complete this SPEED Tabata Workout  is…

…. your bodyweight…

… your interval timer <’” to get a fun color like the one you see me with in the video, click the link

SPEED – 4 Minute Tabata Workout Video

*** Click here for your printable “SPEED – Tabata Workout” ***

Total time: 4 mins

Work time: 20 sec (as many reps as possible with good form)

Rest time: 10 sec


1. Speed Squats x 20 sec (10 sec break)

2. Burpees x 20 sec (10 sec break)

3. Mountain Climbers x 20 sec (10 sec break)

4. High Knees x 20 sec (10 sec break)

2 rounds for a total of 8 sets.

Remember: ONLY REST FOR 10 SECONDS between sets!

I hope you enjoyed this SPEED Tabata Workout Routine.

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