[LIGHTENING ROUND] The Best Deadlift Exercise #LLTV

Episode Topics: Straps, Deadlifts, Smith Machines, Muscle Imbalances, Yoga, Elbow Pain, Stretching

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Here’s episode #2 in the #LLTV “Lightening Round” series. You can check out the first episode here. In this video series, I’m answering common fitness questions in 1 minute or less on camera. Each video will be less than 3 MINUTES! 

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Here are today’s Lightening Round questions:

0:17 My thoughts on knee straps/wrist straps? <– Click to watch video demonstration

I’m not a fan of using knee straps as it can increase the risk of injury when you’re not in the gym. In other words, it doesn’t necessarily increase functional strength.

I like wrist straps when lifting heavy (for 3 reps or less) during lower body exercises like DB split squats (click video link above to watch video demonstration of this exercise).  However, try not to use wrist straps for upper body movements since it will weaken the grip muscles.

0:43 Do you prefer bent leg or straight leg deadlifts? <– Click to watch video demonstration

I prefer bent-leg deadlifts (click video link above to watch video demonstration of this exercise). I find they give you a better range of motion, especially when you perform them on low platform. I also like to use a wider grip which makes it way harder to hold the weight. This is a case when wrist straps could be used.

1:05 Thoughts on Smith Machines? <– Click to watch video demonstration

I don’t like the smith machine because it locks you in in a fixed movement. This can stress the spin since it does not allow the body to move up and down naturally.

1:18 How do I fix muscle imbalances so my body is symmetrical? <– Click to watch video demonstration

Add in more unilateral work. For instance, when training chest, only use one dumbbell when doing a chest press (click video link above to watch video demonstration of this exercise). Also train the non-dominant side first but be sure to lift the same weight and the same number of sets.

1:39 I’ve been experiencing elbow and wrist pain doing presses and curls? <– Click to watch video demonstration

Here’s a tip, try leaving a small space between the plates and collars so the weight can spin (click video link above to watch video demonstration). This can decrease the stress on the tendons.

1:53 How do I safely warm up using dynamic ballistic stretches? <– Click to watch video demonstration

Use the pendulum method. This simply means don’t go for maximal stretch on first rep. Build up to it. So if you’re doing side to side leg swings (click video link above to watch video demonstration), start with a low level to the ankles, then at the mid-shin, then mid-knee cap, and so on until you get high as possible.

2:16 What are my thoughts on bikram yoga? <– Click to watch video demonstration

I once heard Charles Poliquin say that stretching is the yin to the yang of strength training.  So yes, i like yoga. I’ve heard bikram yoga in particular can help increase growth hormone thus increasing your strength gains.

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