How To Smash Fat Faster

1 Workout Tip To Smash Fat Faster

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV I’m sharing a simple workout tip on how to smash fat faster.

So you’re working out, you’re eating pretty healthy, but you feel like you’re just not burning fat fast enough.

Nod your head right now if you feel what I’m saying!

If so, this is the video for you.

I’m going to share a way I structure my workouts to smash fat faster.

Here’s how to smash fat faster:

First, it’s important to focus the majority of your workouts on resistance training.

I’ve done numerous videos on why resistance training is optimal for fat loss.

But that’s not today’s tip.

Today’s tip on how to smash fat faster is about what you do for just 4 minutes immediately after your 40-45 mins of strength training.

In my best selling 42 day workout program, I call this combination of exercises, the 4 min Afterburners.

4 Minute Afterburners

Immediately after your 45 minute strength training workout is a perfect time to smash fat faster with my 4 min Afterburners.


Because your energy stores (aka your glycogen levels) are already low.

In most cases, this means your stored body fat becomes the primary energy source to fuel the final 4 minute afterburner (aka the workout finisher).

The exercises to add to your 4 minute afterburner need to be challenging so when it’s done, you leave the gym floor with nothing left in the tank.

I prefer bodyweight exercises as the majority of the heavy compound exercises should be done in the beginning of the workout to burn through that stored glycogen.

In my program we’ve designed and provided numerous 4 minute afterburner options.

However, you could also use any of my 4 minute tabata workout videos that I shot for Live Lean TV as your afterburner workout. Click here for my full playlist.

Trust me, these 4 min afterburners are for real.

They help burn a few more calories during the workout, and a whole lot more after you leave the gym.

This is due to the increased metabolic effect they have on your body for many hours following your workout.

Our Live Lean Afterburn users have been loving the results from using them. So if you haven’t picked up your copy of yet, check out all the success stories and transformations from people just like you who have used the foundation program as well as the graduate program at

How To Smash Fat Faster

It’s a tough workout, but it gets results. I hope to see you take the challenge.

Get my 6 favorite 4 min afterburners via Live Lean Afterburn

Every workout found in my best-selling Live Lean Afterburn system finishes with a unique fat smashing 4 min afterburner.

Live Lean Afterburn


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