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Eat This Type of Vegetable To Fight Belly Fat

Vegetables that can KILL your belly fat?

Every time I ask people what body part they want to improve’¦it’s always their abs’¦or in other words, they want to lose belly fat.

Well guess what’¦

If I haven’t already given you enough health incentives to eat your veggies maybe this tip will finally give you that kick in the booty.

Eating certain types of vegetables can actually help kill your belly fat.  

Do I have your attention now??

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A while back, I filmed a Live Lean TV episode about the estrogenic chemicals found in our food supply and environment that can make you store belly.

These chemicals include pesticides, herbicides, and petrochemicals. They’re now found in our food, our water, the air, and everyday products we use.

These chemicals are called xenoestrogens and are found in household cleaners, cosmetics, and plastics.  We’re exposed to these chemicals everyday.

Exposure can cause an estrogenic effect on your body which causes a hormonal imbalance for both males and females, thus making you store belly fat.

HOWEVER’¦Enter the Belly Fat Killing Super Vegetables!!

Certain types of vegetables contain specific phytonutrients (I3C) that helps STOP these estrogenic belly fat stimulating compounds.

They’re called cruciferous veggies.

Vegetables That Kill Belly Fat

Cruciferous vegetables that help fight belly fat include:

A few examples include:

– bok choy

– brocooli

– brussel sprouts

– cabbage

– cauliflower

– kale

Add these belly fat killing veggies to your shopping list if you want to help kill your belly fat.

Just another reason to ALWAYS EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!

And here’s a tip, to make these veggies taste better, sprinkle some balsamic vinegar and coconut oil if you want.

That’s it.

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Questions For You:

– Do you eat these belly fat burning veggies everyday?

– Which ones are your favs?


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