Can Fruit Make You Fat? #LLTV

Can Eating Too Much Fruit Pack On The Fat?

Live Lean Nation, thanks for tuning in to this episode of Live Lean TV entitled, “Can Fruit Make You Fat?“. By now you know I’m a big believer in following a low sugar way of eating. 

So the question is, what about the sugar in fruit? Can eating too much fruit make you fat?

Well eating too much of anything can do that… 

But when I say to cut down on sugar, in most cases, I’m specifically referring to the sugar found in processed foods and grains.

The naturally occurring form of sugar in fruit is called fructose.  And although there has been research showing excessive amounts of fructose from whole fruit could cause health problems…

You’d have to eat a stupid amount of fruit to get fat from fruit!

In other words, I highly doubt you’ll be able to overload your liver with enough fructose from whole fruit to get fat.


It’s important to be able to differentiate between’¦

…unprocessed, naturally occurring forms of fructose and those that are processed and added to products to sweetenen them up.

And don’t be fooled, pasteurized fruit juice from your grocery store is processed. And yes, I would go on record saying that it is a lot easier to get fat drinking fruit juice.

Here’s the difference between fructose in fruit juice and in whole fruit…


Whole fruit contains fiber, which will slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream and liver.  Fiber will also fill you up fast, which makes it hard to over consume. Plus whole fruit is loaded with nutrients like vitamin C & A, as well as phytochemicals and flavonols.

Lets contrast that with Fruit juice.

fruit juice

Fruit juice has had most of the fiber removed and it doesn’t contain as much nutrients. Since the fiber has been removed, not only does the rush of sugar hit you fast, it’s very easy to over consume the juice, cause it won’t fill you up. In my opinion, it’ll actually make you hungrier due to the roller coaster ride your blood sugar levels will be on.

Bottom line…

With all the talk about fructose making you fat, don’t confuse pasteurized fructose in fruit juices and processed fructose in processed foods, with the healthy benefits of eating the fruit whole.

However, with all that said, I don’t consider fruit a “free food”. The only food I consider “free” are fibrous vegetables. In other words, I recommend you eat as many leafy greens, like spinach, as you want. But I don’t recommend you eat as many bananas as you want.

How much fruit can you eat in a day?

Of course my answer is…it depends.

It depends on your current body composition and your specific goals. For instance, Jess and I have online custom coaching clients who are already lean and active, therefore we know their body can process the sugar more effectively, so they can handle more fruit throughout the day.

However, we also have overweight online clients where we’d strategically focus their fruit consumption after their workouts, and as a treat whenever they get that sugar craving.

The question of how much fruit you can eat depends on your specific needs and goals.

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