Brad Gouthro’s Rock Hard Abs Workout From Live Lean Meltdown DVD #LLTV

Segment #4 From Main Event Workout: Rock Hard Abs Workout

Live Lean Nation,

I have a treat for you on today’s Live Lean TV episode! Enjoy the full “Rock Hard Abs Workout” portion of my best selling Live Lean Meltdown digital DVD program. This is 1 of the 5 segments of the full Live Lean Meltdown “Main Event” workout. The full program also includes 8 never been seen before Tabata workouts. Be one of the many to rock the meltdown!


Rock Hard Abs Workout From Live Lean Meltdown DVD

Ab Exercises:

A1. V-Ups x 30 sec

A2. Side-To-Side Knee-Ins x 30 sec

A3. Bicycle Abs x 30 sec

A4. Breakdancer x 30 sec

A5. Mountain Climber x 60 sec

If you enjoyed this segment from Live Lean Meltdown, I guarantee you’ll enjoy the full program!:

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This includes a professionally produced 26 minute MAIN EVENT cardio workout (no equipment needed) as well as 6 other never been seen before 4 minute TABATA WORKOUTS & 2 of my popular “BRAD SAYS” 5 minute WORKOUTS.

Live Lean Meltdown is GUARANTEED to get you sweaty!

Rock Hard Abs Workout Live Lean Meltdown Workout DVD

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Live Lean Meltdown DVD Case and DVD Discs
On the download page, you’ll also get access to a total of 10 HD Digital DVD videos including:
  • 32 Min “Main Event” Workout ’“ Disc #1
  • 4 Min “Start Getting Lean” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #2
  • 4 Min “Ripped Core” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #3
  • 4 Min “Explosive Gains” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #4
  • 4 Min “Shredded In 4” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #5
  • 4 Min “Toned & Ready” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #6
  • 4 Min “Beach Body” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #7
  • 5 Min “Brad Says” Fat Can’t Live Here Workout ’“ Disc #8
  • 5 Min “Brad Says” Sweat Is Your Fat Crying Workout ’“ Disc #9
  • Bonus Disc: “How To Make Your Own $2 Agility Ladder In Just 2 Mins” – Disc #10

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