5 Spices That Increase Your Fat Burning #LLTV

Spices That Burn More Fat Faster & Make Your Food Taste Great

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV I’m sharing 5 fat burning spices that will make your food taste great.

Alright, I’ve filmed numerous videos about adding fat burning foods to your diet and fat burning workouts to your lifestyle.

So today, I want to touch on another ally in fat burning…SPICES!

Yep, spices not only make your food taste better, they can also set your body up to burn fat faster.

They’re a game changer when it comes to Living Lean.

5 Spices That Burn Fat Faster & Make Your Food Taste Great

#1. Cinnamon

This is one of my favorite spices to add flavor, but did you also know cinnamon can help control blood sugar and maintain insulin sensitivity?

Both important factors when it comes to keeping our body in fat burning mode so we can burn stored fat for energy.

How to use more cinnamon:
I like adding cinnamon to my sweet potatoes and in my smoothies to add flavor and help control the insulin response from eating carbohydrates.

#2. Red Pepper Flakes

Crushed red pepper flakes are made from hot cayenne peppers. And the compound that brings the heat to these peppers is called capsaicin. Consuming thermogenic foods like this can help increase your metabolism and fat burning.

How to use more red pepper flakes:
I like adding red pepper flakes to my egg omelettes as well as my grilled chicken and homemade salad dressings.

#3. Black Pepper

A substance called piperine is found in this staple spice. It has been shown to block new fat cell formation, and when combined with red pepper flakes, it can help increase calorie burn.

How to use more black pepper:
I like adding black pepper to EVERYTHING!

#4. Cumin

Cumin not only adds flavor, it also has been shown to help improve blood sugar management. Win. Win.

How to use more cumin:
I like adding cumin to my ground beef when making tacos!

#5. Ginger

Studies have shown that ginger may actually help lower your appetite in addition to having metabolism boosting properties.

How to use more ginger:
I like adding ginger to my stir fries, pancakes, and my smoothies.

Bottom line Live Lean Nation…

Spices are not only your taste buds best friend, they’ll also help you manage your hormones and metabolism.

Two critical factors to Live Lean.

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I pity those “dieters” ruining their sustainable chances of Living Lean by eating boring foods.



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